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1/ Why this Privacypolicy?

We collect personal data from the first time you use the website (hereinafter abbreviated to the “website”) and/or use our services. This personal data can be used for all kinds of purposes that are specified below. This privacy policy is intended to inform the User of the responsible parties, the purposes of processing, the types of processing and the rights of the User.

The processing operations always occur in accordance with the relevant (Belgian and European) laws, and in specific the Belgian law of December 8 1992 concerning the protection of the personal sphere with regards to the processing up personal data (Privacylaw) and the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016. If you’d like to receive more information hereon we gladly direct you to the website of the supervisory authorities:

This Privacypolicy is an integral part of our Terms of Use. The User shall be deemed to take note hereof. By making use of the Website and/or services the User gives his explicit permission to process the acquired data in accordance with this Privacy policy.

If the User is below the age of 16 years old, permission for the processing of their personal data must be granted by the person who bears parental responsibility for the child.

Considering the current state of technology it is impossible to make a projection of all of our future processing operations. The  content of this Privacy policy can therefore be modified at any given moment. The User is deemed to take note of the content of this Privacy policy on a regular basis.

2/ Who is responsible for the processing of data?

The Website including all sub-domains are managed by: 

Deknudt Frames N.V.
Breestraat 31A
8540 Deerlijk
BE 0478 793 285
T: +32 56 77 83 03


Via the Website multiple parties can receive personal data and apply them for their own purposes. This Privacy policy only concerns the processing operations for which Deknudt Frames N.V. has been appointed as the responsible for the processing.

Article 6 of this Privacy policy will list the other responsible parties and actual processors.

3/ Legal grounds.

The User’s data is processed based on the following legal grounds:

4/ Collecting the personal data. 

The personal data is collected in the following ways:

The User will be able to determine the quality and quantity of the personal data he provides through the Website. The processing of data will expand when the use of the Website and services increases.

We will by no means collect and process personal data that is qualified as sensitive. This includes data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person's sex life or sexual orientation.

5/ Purposes of processing. 

The personal data is processed exclusively for the following purposes:

The personal data is stored at least as long as necessary, but no longer than necessary, for the accomplishment of these purposes.

6/ Is personal data shared with third parties?

The personal data collected is not shared with or transferred to third parties, with exception of the situations described in the following articles;

a/ Actual processors.

Deknudt Frames N.V. can use several external parties to effectively process the personal data. These external parties only act hereto commissioned by Deknudt Frames N.V. and are appointed as “actual processors”. Deknudt Frames N.V. can guarantee the following concerning the data processing:

Your personal data will never be processed by an actual processor that does not abide or guarantee the European principles concerning the protection of personal data.

Actual processors dispose of a specialized knowledge on data processing. These processors therefore have the choice between different techniques and procedures, for which they bear full responsibility.

b/ Other responsible processors.

Our website uses several plug-ins from third parties. Through these plug-ins these third parties acquire personal data which they can put to use for their own processing operations.

The following parties are appointed as a responsible processor:

Deknudt Frames is not a party to the processing operations of these third parties. The User is deemed to have taken knowledge of the Privacy policy of these third parties with regards to receiving more information concerning the purposes of this data process.

c/ Transfer of data hereto obligated by a court order or applicable regulation.

Deknudt Frames N.V. can be obligated to, in whole or in part, give insight to the processed personal data pursuant by a court order or an applicable regulation. Deknudt Frames N.V. will always have a certain reluctance when allowing access to this data but will have no other choice to abide by the order, yet within its limits.

d/ Processing, carrying out and completing an order or contract.

Deknudt Frames N.V. may share the personal data with third parties, in particular a transport firm and/or distribution centre, for the processing, carrying out and/or completion of an order or contract. Likewise, if an order is processed through an external partner of Deknudt Frames N.V., in particular a partner who is part of Deknudt Frames N.V.’s dealer network, the personal data may also be communicated to this external partner.

7/ What rights does the User have?

Deknudt Frames will make every effort it reasonably can to ensure the personal data is processed in accordance with the legal standards. The data processing occurs with special attention for: 

Furthermore, the User enjoys the rights as granted in the Privacylaw. The User shall exercise its rights by means of a dated and signed request by email sent to A proof of identity must be attached to this request (preferably a copy of an ID card).

If these conditions are met, Deknudt Frames N.V. is obligated to act within 30 days after receipt of the request.

a/ Right of access.

The User has the right to know about any processing of personal data relating to them that may or may not occur, as well as at least receiving information about the purposes of this processing, the period during which the personal data will be stored, the categories of personal data to which this processing pertains and the categories of recipient to whom the personal data is provided.

b/ Right to object and correct.

The User is entitled to have all incorrect personal data relating to them corrected free of charge, and to have all incomplete personal data completed.

c/ Right to removal.

The User has the right to have all personal data relating to them removed free of charge, in the cases in the exhaustive list below:

The request for removal may be refused on the grounds of exercising the right to freedom of expression and information, the obligations contained in European law or the law of a member state, reasons of general interest in the field of public health or general interest in the context of scientific or historical research, or for the initiation, implementation or support of judicial proceedings.

d/ Right to transfer.

The User always has the right to obtain the personal data applicable to them in a form that is structured, accessible and legible for a machine.

The User has the right to transfer data obtained in the aforesaid form to another party responsible for processing, if:

e/ Right of objection.

Moreover, the User is entitled to object to the processing of data concerning them for serious and legitimate reasons connected to their particular situation.

If the personal data is obtained with a view to direct marketing, the person concerned may object to the intended processing of personal data concerning them, free of charge and without any justification. If the User objects to processing for direct marketing purposes, the personal data will no longer be processed for these purposes.

8/ Storage period for personal data

We store your personal information for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it has been collected, as described in this privacy policy, unless a longer storage period is required by law.

9/ Right to complain

Every User has the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority, more specifically the Privacy Commission, if the User believes that an infringement has occurred with respect to the processing of personal data concerning them.



1/ Why this cookiepolicy.

This website uses several functional and non-functional cookies. These cookies can be the property of either Deknudt Frames N.V. as of third parties. The cookies of these third parties are offered with Deknudt Frames N.V.’s consent. Using cookies allows Deknudt Frames N.V. to optimize the general and individual user experience.

The User gives its implicit permission for non-functional cookies to be installed and used by clicking on the website. Any User that doesn’t agree with this is deemed to manually disable cookies in the browser’s settings. Please find more information on disabling cookies can be found below.

2/ Which cookies does the website use.

The website uses the following cookies:

First-party cookies.

The following cookies are exclusively linked to the proper functioning of the website and its functionalities:

Third-party cookies.

Our website holds cookies that are owned by third parties. This third parties will autonomously process the personal data collected through the cookies and can thus be qualified as the responsible processor.

Google Analytics: More information via

3/ Disabling cookies.

The User that does not agree with the use of cookies may manually disable these. Disabling certain cookies, and in particular the functional cookies, has an inevitable effect on the good functioning of the website. The User is advised to only alter these settings with a certain knowledge on the topic.

Find more information on your browser’s settings via:

Internet Explorer:


Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome: